Washington’s Wig Hot Beats Music Contest

Washington's Wig Hot Beats

We’ve had a tons of musicians contact us to ask if we need help with the soundtracks to our games. The truth is that we already have a pretty robust Fist Puncher soundtrack ready to go, and it’s hard to squeeze anything else in there. But we’ve had to turn down so many enthusiastic and talented musicians that we decided we had to find a way to get them involved.

That’s why we’re officially accepting submissions for songs to appear on the Washington’s Wig soundtrack. We’re open to music of many styles, but we ask that they incorporate at least 2 of these 3 themes:

1. Humor
2. Hot beats
3. Freedom (we’ll also take Liberty)

We’re providing a small sample pack from the ‘Liberty Theme’, the song we made on the Next Game Boss finale. You can remix this song or reuse the samples for something totally new. Or don’t use the samples at all and come up with your own idea. Check out the trailer for a reminder of what the Libery Theme sounds like:

We can’t afford to pay for your work and we can’t guarantee we’ll use everything that is submitted. If your song is chosen, we will give you full credit within the game. You can either submit a full song or just a loop, but do it soon. We need your song by the end of the month so we can include it in the May release of the game. We’re looking forward to hearing what you come up with! Click on the link below to download the Liberty Theme sample pack below, bust out your music editing software, and let’s hear those hot beats!

Download the Liberty Theme Sample Pack

Remixes can be submitted to kickstarter@team2bit.com

Liberty! Freedom! Dogs! Wigs!