Fist Puncher 80% off May Sale

Summer is nearly here, and in celebration of sunshine, beaches, and baseball, Fist Puncher is 80% off on Steam throughout the rest of the weekend! Punch out felons on a stormy yacht, tase tweakers on a nude beach, practice your swing with a round of ninja golf, or just relax and take batting practice. Fist Puncher is the classic brawler that’s overflowing with goofiness!

Fist Puncher 75% off Steam Halloween Sale

More great news! Fist Puncher is an absurd 75% off on Steam in celebration of that wonderful candy-fueled holiday we call Halloween. Along with the sale, we added three new playable Halloween-themed characters earlier this week: the maniacal Murdering Clown, the brain-eating Bath Salt Zombie, or the pumpkin-headed Samhain. Get the classic brawler and all of its Halloween absurdity at a crazy price. Dig into that candy bag and kick back with some old school beat ’em up mayhem (but please save us a mini-Snickers bar).

Fist Puncher Halloween Steam Update

The classic brawler Fist Puncher is back with a Steam Halloween update! We’ve added three new playable Halloween-inspired characters who are ready to kick, punch, and stomp through the violent streets of San Cruces and deliver a frightening dose of justice. Play as the maniacal Murdering Clown, the brain-eating Bath Salt Zombie, or the pumpkin-headed Samhain.

All three new Halloween characters are fully unlocked in the Steam PC version of Fist Puncher.


Adult Swim Humble Bundle

The Adult Swim Humble Bundle is LIVE! Jazzpunk, Volgarr, Soundodger, Super House of Dead Ninjas, Westerado, Super Comboman, Super Puzzle Platformer, and, of course, Fist Puncher! You have ONE WEEK to get all of these games for a super low price AND give some money to charity. Huge high five to everyone at Adult Swim, the people at Humble, and all of the other talented developers for making this happen. Now go and get yourself a bundle of games.

Fist Puncher 50% off on OUYA

That game we made called Fist Puncher is 50% off on your friendly neighborhood OUYA for the next week. Tasing, cow throwing, bike chases… all that stuff… and some other stuff that’s equally weird. Fist Puncher is an epic homage to and parody of the old school brawlers of the ’80s and ’90s. Get it now, and we’ll forgive you for everything else you’ve done with your life.