Fist Puncher Meets Kony 2012

Fist Puncher Meets Kony
Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 documentary has brought increasing attention to the barbaric acts and unspeakable atrocities committed by Joseph Kony, leader of the violent Ugandan paramilitary group the Lord’s Resistance Army. With each passing day, more and more bloggers, media pundits, and celebrities are calling for the capture of Kony. We decided to take matters into our own hands and sent the cast from FIST PUNCHER to mete out a good, solid helping of justice.

Back from GDC

Fist Puncher at GDC
We made it back from GDC… somehow. We’re still decompressing, but the whole thing was a blast. We set up and demoed Fist Puncher in the GameSpy booth Wednesday through Friday (huge thanks to everyone from IGN and GameSpy that helped us get things working). We had almost non-stop gameplay going on, and we were able to get quite a bit of great feeback and a number of terrific suggestions on improving the game. But maybe the best was just jumping into a game of Fist Puncher with a crew of strangers and punching and kicking the heck out of anarchists, luchadores, and dudes with flamethrowers. Big thanks to everyone that stopped by to play. Sadly, since we spent almost all of our time demoing, we didn’t have much time to see the rest of the show. We didn’t meet Notch, weren’t able to get into a flame war with Phil Fish, and only had a few opportunities to play other games. Still, it was absolutely worth it. Getting Fist Puncher into the hands of actual, real-life gamers was incredible. For those who played, who was your favorite character? Dr. Karate, the Beekeeper, O’Grady? We’ll be posting some webisodes from GDC in the upcoming days so stay tuned. In the meantime, keep punching!

Team2Bit (AKA Team Fist Puncher) FAQ

Who is Team2Bit?
We’re an indie game studio comprised of 2 brothers located in Santa Cruz, California. We make fun, retro-styled games infused with some modern twists.

Then who’s Team Fist Puncher?
That’s also us. Team Fist Puncher is the name we use on the IGN/YouTube show THE NEXT GAME BOSS. FIST PUNCHER is also the name of our first game release.

What exactly is the NEXT GAME BOSS?
THE NEXT GAME BOSS is a reality TV show where teams of indie developers compete in a series of challenges with the ultimate goal being to make a fully-functional videogame. We were one of the lucky groups chosen to be a part of the show. You can watch THE NEXT GAME BOSS on the IGN/YouTube .START network. In fact, there are a bunch of great shows worth checking out on the .START network. Check out the first episode of THE NEXT GAME BOSS below:

What games do you guys make?
At present we are still working on our first major release, FIST PUNCHER, which will be available later this year on Xbox Live Indie Games. FIST PUNCHER is a 4-player, side-scrolling brawler filled with dozens of levels, unlockable characters, special attacks, and more. Check out the trailer below:

Dr. Karate? Kid Justice? Who are all these characters I keep hearing about?
FIST PUNCHER contains a cast of colorful characters that you can control. The main playable characters are Dr. Karate, Kid Justice, Hella Fistgerald, and Steroid Jackson. Click on the characters page for more info on the FIST PUNCHER cast. You can watch the Dr. Karate and Kid Justice trailers below:

How do I get Team2Bit news and updates?
Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or just check out the website.

Are you available for interviews for my blog/podcast/website/etc.?
Of course! Just email either of us: jake.lewandowski at or matt.lewandowski at

I saw you guys on THE NEXT GAME BOSS. WASHINGTON’S WIG looks hilarious. Will I ever get to play it?
First, thanks to everyone who has voiced support. We cannot express how much we appreciate it. Second, we’re working on the logistics of releasing WASHINGTON’S WIG. We’ll keep you posted.

I saw you guys on THE NEXT GAME BOSS. WASHINGTON’S WIG looks awful. How come you didn’t make something more artsy and high-brow?
We certainly could have tried to make a more esoteric, fringe game to appeal to a tiny minority of indie college snobs who spend most of their time moaning and groaning on obscure message boards from their dorm rooms and parents’ basements, but instead we tried to make a fun, light-hearted game that would appeal to the judges at IGN (a global leader in entertainment media) in hopes of winning a $10,000 prize package and a spot in IGN’s kick-ass Indie Open House.

Can we hang out?
Sure. We’ll be at GDC – find us there if you want to rap about games, sports, wigs, or whatever. Just look for the 2 grizzled lumberjacks. That’s us.

Fist Puncher: Meet Dr. Karate

Dr. Karate was a legend in the inner city. Many had forgotten what kind of doctor he actually was… brain surgeon, heart surgeon, trauma surgeon? Some said he was all three. He was known to break bricks with his head and hearts with his chiseled chin. Most importantly, he had a clear sense of right and wrong. And he wasn’t afraid to break the Hippocratic oath to prove it.

Dr. Karate’s widespread appeal and unique unifying tendencies are precisely why we at Team2Bit are proud to unveil DR. KARATE’S ULTIMATE INDIE CROSSOVER. Combining the endless runner genre popularized by indie uber-hit CANABALT with the mainstream appeal of the walking dead, DR. KARATE’S ULTIMATE INDIE CROSSOVER is sure to unite indie gaming hipsters (i.e., people that like games that aren’t fun) and mainstream zombie fans (i.e., every single other person in the world). And, yeah, DR. KARATE’S ULTIMATE INDIE CROSSOVER is flipping tough. So if you can actually beat this thing, send us a screenshot of the ending (or post it on YouTube or Facebook or whatever you kids do), and we’ll blog about you, post a picture of us giving you a big, fat thumbs up, or maybe even add you as a character to our upcoming game, FIST PUNCHER. To play DR. KARATE’S ULTIMATE INDIE CROSSOVER, click on the image or link below:

Click Here to Play Dr. Karate's Ultimate Indie Crossover


Getting Over That Final Hump

After spending Christmas in Southern California, the new year began with a week in San Francisco taking care of some ultra-secret, ultra-important responsibilities. Last week I had to make an emergency trip to Wisconsin, and this week I’m heading out to D.C. on business (gotta pitch some game ideas to Obama). It’s absurd how quickly a schedule can fill up and how little time there is to allocate to fun, exciting things like making Team2Bit video games. That being said, I’ve already fallen behind on a Dr. Karate Flash game that I intended to release by the end of 2011. It’s been oh-so-close to completion for a month, but life keeps getting in the way. I just need to clean up the difficulty, tweak some sprite animations, and add in an end game sequence. So darn close. In the meantime, here’s a sprite sheet for a hard-working zombie.

Is It Really 2012?

January is already half over, and we’ve already had a jam-packed month. Fist Puncher will be released on XBLIG this year, but before then we’ll have some nifty stuff coming down the pipeline (hopefully pretty soon here). We’ll be out in Wisconsin for a few days, but racing to get stuff done once we return. It should be a fun year. Stay tuned.